Islam-abad Qarb


Islamabad-e-Gharb Petrochemical Company

Following an announcement by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on boosting the country’s oil industry output and his emphasis on the issue of value chain completion, the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran, has started constructing Gas to Polypropylene (GTPP) Project of Islamabad-e-Gharb Petrochemical with a production capacity of 956,000 t/y in an area of 54 hectares in Zagros Special Economic Zone, Kermanshah province. The GTPP project, consists of 3 operation units, will convert natural gas to Methanol, then Methanol to Propylene and finally Propylene to polypropylene (PP), an important thermoplastic polymer. It will utilize home-grown technologies and Know-How. Moreover, major role in Engineering, Procurement and Constructing of the project will be played by Iranian companies.

our own technologies and Know-How to be utilized in the project as the first commercial reference, could serve other 24 petrochemical GTPP Projects that cruel imposed sanctions on Iran obstructs them of access to and utilization of the same foreign based technologies. The completion of such a project is paramount not only in terms of value-chain strategy of NPC but it also brings about sustainable job creation and effects economic growth of Iran positively.