Goals and Missions

NPC's guiding principles

Missions & Objectives

Fundamental Objectives

Macro-planning, policy-setting, regulating, ground paving & supporting sustainable development of the petrochemical industry to promote the quality of peoples' lives.

Fundamental objectives: Concepts definition.

1. Macro-planning

-  Formulating the strategy & the roadmap for sustainable development of Iran's petrochemical industry, by considering the country's capacities and capabilities as well as the changes in the national and global environment of the industry.

-  The road map will provide the guidelines for the private sector investors.


-  Proposing policies - to be approved by NPC, the government, and the parliament - for promotion and attraction of the private sector investors aimed at realizing the objectives and macro-plans set for the industry.

- The formulated policies should provide incentives for investors as to site location and type of the industries which have priority for the country.


-   A number of standards are set for the petrochemical industry and are supervised to be fully performed in order to ensure the national interests, to create a competitive business environment and to avoid the formation of monopolies.

-  The standards apply to cases such as controlling external expenses (externality) in the areas of environment, workplace health and safety, transparency and accuracy of information offered to customers, customers' rights and technical specifications of different products.

4.Groundwork laying

-  This stage includes planning and laying the foundations for areas such as transportation, energy, water and education which are much needed for the further growth of petrochemical industry in Iran.

-  To create physical infrastructures, NPC first formulates policies and incentives to encourage the non-governmental sectors to create theses infrastructures. In case this sector is unwilling to create the infrastructures by its own, NPC will either independently or in participation with the nongovernmental sector will build the infrastructures and will later hand them over to the nongovernmental sector for operation.


-  Removing legal problems and barriers blocking the sustainable development of petrochemical industry.

- Eliminating the bottlenecks and insufficiencies that process plants might face in areas such as development, utilizing production capacities, financing, manpower, marketing & sales, technologies and providing political and administrative assistance to solve the relevant problems.

Fundamental values of National Petrochemical Company

Value creation, Accountability, Commitment to sustainable development.

National Petrochemical Company's Values: Concepts Definition

  • Value Creation:

Creating added value in line with the fundamental objective of the company.

  • Accountability:

Being accountable to stakeholders about measures taken.

  • Commitment to Sustainable Development:

Commitment to issues such as protecting the environment, health of the community, optimal use of non-renewable resources and promoting the country's domestic capabilities, in order to help bring about the sustainable growth of the industry.

The Mission Statement of National Petrochemical Company

NPC is a development company that capitalizes on more than half a century of its history and experience as well as human resource assets and intellectual capital in order to seek the minimization of sales of unprocessed feedstock and raw material and the completion of value chain of petrochemical sector in Iran through macro-planning, policy-setting, regulatory programstogether with facilitation and orchestration actions with the ultimate goal of bringing about the sector's sustainable growth.

We, at NPC, are committed to our social responsibilities of safeguarding the environment and the natural resources of our nation. We appreciate creating value. We hold ourselves accountable for our operations and recognize the rights of our stakeholders and do our utmost to play a crucial role in Iran's economic development with our sights set on improving the quality of people's lives.

National Petrochemical Company's Vision

To become the most efficient development organization in the field of petrochemicals in the West-Asia region.

Development priorities of Iran's petrochemical industry

National Petrochemical Company of Iran has formulated the following projects under methanol, propylene, ethylene and benzene value chain routs. These projects are designated as top priority for the industry.
1- Methanol to Propylene (MTP) projects with the priority of using the know-how developed by NPC Research & Technology Co.
2- Methanol chain driving-force projects:
- Acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer and polyvinyl alkyl
- Polystal
- Methylamines
3- Propylene chain driving-force projects:
- Phenol, Acetone, Methyl methacrylate and poly methyl methacrylate
- Acrylic acid, SAP and Acrylate esters
- Propylene oxide, Propylene glycol and Polyols
- Polypropylene
4- Ethylene chain driving-force projects:
- Ethylene Propylene diene monomer
- Ethylene vinyl acetate
- Ethoxylate, Ethanolamine and Glycol ether
5- Benzene chain driving-force projects:
- Pyrolysis Gasoline to Benzene (PGTB)
- Phenol and Polycarbonate
- Styrene
6-Gas to Propylene (GTP) with the priority of using the know-how developed by NPC Research & Technology