Investment Directorate

NPC's Investment Directorate is tasked with macro objectives such as attracting investments, attracting partnerships and finance for Iran's petrochemical projects.
Identifying and introducing investment opportunities, assigning the projects to competent investors and facilitating the process of investment are among the main objectives of this Directorate.
Conducting domestic and foreign partnerships via evaluating technical and financial capabilities of investors, supporting the processes of investment attraction, supporting current investment funds and creating new ones, based on the National Petrochemical Company's visions, are among other assignments of the Investment Directorate.
Investment Directorate, in cooperation with other directorates of the National Petrochemical Company, is planning to not only attract and support foreign and domestic investors according to National Petrochemical Company's investment developing plans, but also take necessary action in order to identify the investment barriers in petrochemical industry and to follow up solving the challenges of investors through relevant authorities inside and outside the organization.