Process of issuing license for implementing petrochemical plants

First step: Submitting letter of intent and required documents to NPC's Investment Directorate

• Certified copies of the applicant company's original documents including articles of association and other legal documents
• Financial statements of the investor company and its shareholders companies
• Relevant executive records of the investor's activities in similar Industries
• Preliminary Business Plan and Feasibility Study Report for the
• Finance Package

Second step: Evaluation of the plan and verifying the investor's technical and financial qualifications

• Verification of investor's legal qualifications.
• Evaluation of Preliminary Business Plan and Feasibility Study
• Investigating possibility of feedstock's allocation
• Confirming investor's financial capability
• Confirming investor's technical and executive capabilities
• Enquiring necessary documents from the relevant ministries and organizations

Third step: Acquiring the confirmation of NPC's Board of Directors and issuing the license for implementing petrochemical project

• Submitting the results of evaluations to NPC's Board of Directors
• Announcing the NPC's Board of Directors' approval to the Planning Deputy of Oil Ministry
• Issuing the license for implementing the project by the Planning Deputy of Oil Ministry