NPC Safety and Firefighting Department

Sustainable and safe production and prevention of incidents are the main goals of NPC. In recent years, due to the transfer of petrochemical companies to the private sector, this department has been involved in policy-making, planning and case monitoring of production companies in order to promote sustainable production and safety indicators at the petrochemical industry giving the primary focus on the safety status of plants and development projects.
The introduction of common international models in the field of safety, as well as the use of experience gained from industrial accidents inside and outside the country, aimed at making the most appropriate and logical decisions is among our goals.

Missions and the most important priorities of Fire and Safety Services Department

1- Developing safety and fire safety guidelines and directives in the field of operations
2- Supervising the implementation of safety and fire safety standards at projects during their design stage
3- Planning and implementation of specialized firefighting competitions
4- Introduction of common models of international safety management to petrochemical companies
5- Analysis of major industrial incidents and implementation of preventive and corrective measures
6- Supervising Risk Analysis (QRA) and HAZOP Study
7- Performing supervisory safety audits in production complexes and ongoing projects
8- Performing pre-commissioning safety audits (PSSR) in plants and ongoing projects
9- Monitoring the performance and reliability of firefighting network in two areas of Mahshahr and Assaluyeh
10- Updating Safety Information (MSDS) on different kinds of chemicals
11- Empowering human resources by holding general and specialized training courses and programs
12- Monitoring the safety status of the West Ethylene Pipeline
13- Equipping and updating the equipment and machinery of centralized fire stations in Mahshahr and Assaluyeh
14- Supervising the implementation of general maneuvers in Mahshahr and Assaluyeh
15- Auditing the safety and fire safety status of the administrative buildings of petrochemical companies