Advantages of Investment in Irans Petrochemical Industries

Iran’s Petrochemical Industries Advantages


·         Receiving support of the National Petrochemical Company for developing petrochemical industries

·         Availability of continuous and accessible feeds

·         Stabilization of feeds prices based on formulas approved

·         Discounts defined up to %30 of feedstock to establish plants in less developed areas and completing downstream value chains

·         Long-term tax exemptions from operating time in free-trade zones, special economic areas and less developed regions

·         Access to experts and professionals

·         Access to high seas

·         Access to import / export facilities

·         Access to growing domestic market

·         Existence of developed infrastructures (airport, railway, port, jetty, etc.) in petrochemical hubs

·         Access to domestic qualified engineering companies, suppliers and manufacturers

·         Iran's Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA)

·         Advantages and customs exemptions in free trade and special economic zones:

o    Export goods without any formalities

o    Import goods at the lowest customs formalities

o    Export of imported goods in other zones without any formalities

o    Allocate land to qualified applicants after evaluation

o    Ensure foreign investment based on free zones law

o    Guaranteed return of capital and profits acquired

o    Tax breaks for imports of all goods and materials such as equipment and building materials

o    No requirement to get visa to enter the free trade zones

o    Issuance of residence permits for foreign nationals without legal formalities in free trade zones

o    Production machinery and equipment exemption from payment of customs duties (first-hand machinery)

o     Refund of customs duty paid for importing raw materials in the production of export goods

o    Exemption from payment of tariffs for the transportation of semi-finished goods into the country