Introduction to Research and Technology Company

An Introduction to the NPC Research and Technology Company (NPC- (RT)

NPC – (RT)offers major technologies for production of petrochemical products in Iran. It is expected to becomethe top technology supplier for NPC. As a world-class company, the NPC-(RT) aims to turn into a major competitor for technology-suppliers in the region and offer its know-how at theinternational market, generating profits for its beneficiaries and technological security for the country.

The company will be self-sufficient by the end of Iran’s 6th development plan and will be generating profits by the end of the 7th development plan.


The NPC-(RT) is responsible for conducting research and developing technologies in all areas required by Iran’s petrochemical industry. The company’s missions are as follows:

• Gaining independence and security with regards to know-how for Iran’s petrochemical industry
• Generating wealth through conducting research activities and producing know-how and technology
• Conducting research on production processes used in petrochemical industry, developing them into technology and offering them to customers and stakeholders
• Conducting research on catalysts and chemicals used in petrochemical industry and offer the developed know-how to customers and stakeholders
• Conducting research on upgrading technologies used in petrochemical facilities with the aim of increasing economic benefits and reducing the effects of environmental issues
• Conducting research on optimization of production processes 

Conducting research with the aim of exploring modern areas of knowledge

Core Values

As a company responsible for indigenizing the technological know-how required in petrochemical industry, the NPC-(RT) considers the followings as its core values:

• Preserving moral and religious values, and human dignity
• Honesty and transparency
• Respecting the moral rights of others
• Personal and social accountability
• Public participation
• Accountability and respect for stakeholders
• Creating values 
• Optimum utilization of national resources
• Enhancing creativity and innovation 
• Constant improvement
• Protecting intellectual property rights, collective wisdom , creativity and innovation 

Major Goals

The NPC-(RT) relies on the country’s potentials and indigenous knowledge. Its strategic plan seeks to develop know-how required by the petrochemical industry, to optimize production processes and to upgrade technologies and processes that are used in production facilities with an emphasis on the needs of customers and profits for the stakeholders and shareholders.

The major goals of the company are as follows:
• Developing technologies for producing petrochemical products
• Developing technologies to produce strategic petrochemical catalysts 
• Developing technologies to produce strategic chemicals used in petrochemical industry 
• Developing technologies for downstream petrochemical industries
• Modifying and debottlenecking the production plants’ processes 
• Modifying existing technologies 
• Developing the company’s technologies

Improving products
Improving applications
Improving technologies