Investment Relation Office

  Investor Guide

The process of guiding and supporting investors interested in production and activity in downstream petrochemical industries is as follows:

Investors who are referred to the NPC's Office for Development of Downstream Petrochemical Industries are divided into three categories

1. Investors interested in downstream petrochemical projects
2. Investors interested in midstream petrochemical projects
3. Investors who have a project and are in need of support and guidance

The first group includes investors who seek attractive opportunities in downstream petrochemical production businesses. These investors account for the largest number of applicants and usually have a capital of less than 20 billion USD. In the first step , these investors are referred to the internet page of the NPC's Office for Development of Downstream Petrochemical Industries to become acquainted with the petrochemical industry chains and the investment opportunities (introduced on the website). After acquiring the basic information such as the name of the product, the required raw material, etc from the website and other documents (including handbooks, CDs, etc.) from the office, the investors will be evaluated during a meeting.
The second group includes investors seeking business opportunities in the upstream and midstream petrochemical industries. They seek projects with higher investment. These investors will first be evaluated and then provided with one or a number of projects based on their capacities.

The final category includes investors, who are working on projects in downstream or midstream
petrochemical industries. This group usually faces problems in areas of technology, finance, marketing, etc.  In such cases, the Office experts identify the problem and help investors by introducing them to relevant advisors.

Therefore, different investors are guided based on the category in which they fall. They are introduced to relevant organizations such as banks, petrochemical complexes, associations, etc. to receive help and support. The goal of the NPC's Office for Development of Downstream Petrochemical Industries is to inform investors, identify opportunities and provide planning and coordination for creating new businesses.