The Safety and Fire Service Affairs Department of Iran’s National Petrochemical Company
"Sustainable and Safe" production and prevention of accidents are the main goals of the National Petrochemical Company of Iran. In order to achieve this great goal, the NPC Safety and Fire Service Affairs Department is tasked with planning and monitoring the safety operations of the country’s petrochemical companies and holdings. The administration is well aware of its mission and the importance of honesty and conscientiousness in realizing its goals. It also believes in the significance of education, prevention and skills as the main factors in reducing danger in industrial complexes.

The occurrence of any kind of unfortunate accident in industry can not only cause human damage, but can also bring about financial loss, harm the environment and even damage the brand and credibility of companies. Therefore, preventing accidents through personnel training, visits and periodic audits, as well as the application and supervision of design, and operational standards are part of the priorities of the NPC Safety and Fire Service Department.

Missions and Priorities of the NPC Safety and Fire Service Affairs Department

1 Compiling the requirements and safety regulations in the fields of operation and project
2 Supervising the design and operational standards in the fields of safety and fire service
3 Empowering and training the human resources
4 Planning to implement standards and common patterns of industrial safety management
5 Analyzing industrial accidents and tracking corrective measures
6 Supervising risk and danger assessment studies
7 Promoting the safety culture among managers and employees
8 Carrying out safety audits in manufacturing complexes and ongoing projects
9 Establishing a risk management system
10 Enhancing operational safety control processes
11 Improving and upgrading safety and fire safety systems
12 Safety control of transmission pipelines
13 Promoting a culture of safety and engaging with stakeholders
14 compiling the comprehensive petrochemical risk management guidelines
15 Supervisory and field inspections of petrochemical complexes
16 Safety audit of the Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) for new projects
17 Supervising Hazard and Operability (Hazop) studies
18 Designing the firefighting water network and placement of the equipment for petrochemical projects
19 Compiling the guidelines and procedures for Process Safety Management (PSM)
20 Updating the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of different chemical substances
21 Developing and announcing the new safety and fire safety requirements in the field of manufacturing and design safety engineering
22 Ensuring the implementation of safety guidelines and procedures for oil reservoirs, buildings and fire foam
23 Ensuring the optimization and restoration of fire alarm and suppression systems in all facilities
24 Planning and supervising the implementation of maneuvers, in Mahshahr and Assaluyeh special economic zones
25 Auditing the safety and fire service conditions of the administrative buildings of the petrochemical industry and offering the relevant notifications
26 Establishing a competitive and productive competitive environment among petrochemical complexes in order to further increase the number of incident-free working hours
27 Communicating with executives and representatives of the ongoing projects with the aim of improving communications and the executive capacity of enforcing safety standards
28 Monitoring the operation of fire department units on sites and their performance in emergency situations